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You can do it like this for saving water

If you got pet at home, do not fall the excreta in side drain. The best way to clean is wrap with yesterday newspaper and throw away to home garbage or apply to fertilizer uses.


◆ Do not dump the garbage in public place. Always take it home to discard or dump at garbage bin.

Please tie up your garbage bag before throwing to avoid pollution cause from leaking garbage.


◆Detergent of dishes or laundry which contents many chemicals, it pollute our rivers and affects our health. Try other sources for cleaning:


1. Use water left from washed rice, or bean powder to wash dishes. You may also reuse to water your flowers.


2. Use nature soap to do laundry.


3. Use nature soap with water to clean toilet or ceramic tiles.


4. Use organic shampoo and body wash. You may use milk, albumen, lemon skin to replace your hair conditioner.


5. For easier way to wash a greasy pot, try keep it in water when it still hot or wipe with recycle paper before washing.


6. Add a filter for your kitchen sink to avoid the residue drain into the river.


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