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President M. Peter Chen founded his first company Doctor Presse Co. in 1982 in order to promote and encourage quality printed products. Throughout decades, the company then has transformed itself into a corporate group that includes Cosminergy Ltd, Betterphilippe Co., the companies that manufacture the water treatments systems and other products, and provide sales supports; International professional health care management Co. that promotes merchandise of internationally trendy health products. Every branch if this corporation cooperates with each other and works as a team, in the goal of manufacturing, designing and related promotional documents printing retailing and marketing of water treatment systems and other related health care products. Cosminergy group also cooperates with foreign companies in order to spread its business ideas and products in Indonesia, Philippines, Mainland China and Canada.


The world’s greatest inventor Thomas Edison once said: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his or her patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”. That is, a natural cure instead of artificial medicine. Already in the 19th century, Edison predicted that preventive care will be one of the main streams in the future human medicines.

Cosminergy group Ltd has inherited Edison’s belief and also in decades ago, has foreseen the energy industry would be one of the mainstreams in human health maintenance. Mastering the professional knowledge of energy, the group dedicated itself into developing energy products for mass production since its establishment in 1998, by the time when there were no similar products in the market.

Cosminergy group uses a wide and internationalized strategy to conduct its business. Part of the group that belongs in Taiwan is the Doctor House Press Co.,Ltd,Doctor House Color Printing Co., Ltd, Cosminergy Hitech Developing Ltd that works in developing bio-energy products, Betterphilipe Corporation and Cosminergy Natural Health Care Center Co.,Ltd. In international trade, we have Cosminergy branch offices in Canada, Japan and Indonesia. Mean while,we are trying our best to spread our territories to Malaysia, Hong Kong and othercountries.

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